Tanzania: State to Repossess Failed Cashew Plants

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Tanzania: State to Repossess Failed Cashew Plants

  CCM Secretary General Mr Abdulrahman Kinana has instructed the government to make sure that investors who bought cashew nut factories but failed to develop them to hand them back to the State immediately.

He has directed Members of Parliament for Lindi and Mtwara to work on the matter in the National Assemby. Mr Kinana and his entourage were on their first upcountry trip here.

The delegation is on a special mission that envisages reshaping the image of the ruling Chama cha Mapinduzi (CCM) by inspecting and pushing for implementation of CCM directives on projects designed to help the people.

Addressing villagers at Mkunwa he said that the party would direct the government to repossess all cashew nut factories that have remained idle for more than one year. The State would pay them back if the need arises. "We cannot allow this trend to continue anymore. We are aware that 12 cashew nut factories are idle and that no production is going on. Some factories have been turned into warehouses. This is not acceptable," he said.

He insisted that he was delivering party directives on the matter and not personal directives. He called upon MPs to seek Parliamentary endorsements to facilitate the move. He said that the party was aware that the so-called investors were legally handed over the factories. He urged Members of Parliament to encourage the National Assembly to review the law and repossess the factories.

The Minister for Agriculture, Food Security and Cooperatives, Engineer Christopher Chiza said that the government was aware of the tricks paraded by cashew nut investors who are exploiting farmers and that time has come for them to face the music.

But on buyers of the crop from the farmers he said he would make sure they obtain money from the banks so that they can conveniently keep buying crops as agreed earlier. "When Mr Kinana leaves here tomorrow (today) I will remain with you. I will make sure that is done according to the agreements with the banks in question and will start acting tough on buyers who cheat or steal from farmers," he said.

Responding on residents' opinions on various issues, Mr Kinana said the Mtwara people should be careful with baseless allegations that the Mtwara port has been sold to unknown foreign agents. He cautioned on what he said was cheap politics by some opposition parties who keep telling cheap lies on the matter. He said that the government was still looking for funds for development of the port.

On gas, the Secretary General said that residents here have to be prepared for employment in the new sector and give their views on its policy and the law that is currently in the making.

"I request for you to enrol your children in Vocational Training Colleges where gas technology will be taught as promised by President Jakaya Kikwete. You should not just complain on the presence of foreigners who come here to work and leave you jobless," he insisted.

Mr Kinana leaves this morning for Sumbawanga in Rukwa Region. He and his team travel on to Geita on Friday before ending his tour in Arusha Region on Saturday.


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