HAGL boss earns most money on the stock market 2012

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HAGL boss earns most money on the stock market 2012

VietNamNet Bridge - The last trading session of 2012 will take place in the next two months but the current statistics are enough to show that Chairman of Hoang Anh Gia Lai Group (HAGL), Mr. Doan Nguyen Duc, will likely be the one whose assets increased at the highest level on the stock market in 2012, with more than VND1 trillion ($50 million).


HAGL Chair Doan Nguyen Duc.

According VnExpress.net and its data provider – VNDirect, by November 1, 100 people who are considered to have their assets increasing at the highest level on the stock market in 2012 accumulated more than VND7.2 trillion ($360 million) from shares.

In a difficult year for the stock market, many individuals (most of them are business owners) purchased additional shares. However, the main reason for the growth of their stock assets is the strong appreciation of their shares, compared to the common bleak situation.

The most obvious example is the one who ranks first in the list: Chairman Doan Nguyen Duc of HAGL Group. 

In 10 months, Duc bought HAGL shares twice, totaling 2.9 million shares, raising his total shares to 259.67 million, equivalent to 48.3 percent of the chartered capital of HAGL.

While the prices for most of other stocks in the same industry (construction and real estate development) plummeted (up to 50 – 70 percent for some codes), the price for HAGL shares increased sharply in the middle of the year (from VND17,300 dong to the highest level of VND32,100 dong per share,) despite many adverse information such as tax liabilities, negative credit rating, etc. 

The price for HAGL shares cooled down and closed at VND20,900 per share on November 1. However, this price is still 20 percent higher than the price in early 2012 and helps Doan Nguyen Duc have nearly VND1,024 billion of securities assets after 10 months of 2012.

The Chairman of Hoa Sen Group, Le Phuoc Vu, ranks second. The price for Hoa Sen shares increased from VND7,600/share in the early 2012 to VND17,600 dong on November 1. Though Vu’s total number of Hoa Sen shares does not rise in 2012, he still earned an additional VND392 billion ($19 million) worth of shares.

The Chairman of Hoa Phat Group, Tran Dinh Long, owned more than 84.2 million shares of Hoa Phat by November 1, which is unchanged compared to 2011. Thanks to the increase of the price for Hoa Sen shares, Long’s assets have increased by VND193 billion ($9 million), to nearly VND1.533 triillion ($76.65 million) and ranks 11th in the list.

However, in November and December 2012, Hoa Phat Group will pay dividends in shares so the stock assets of Long and a number of other shareholders of Hoa Phat Group are likely to change. Their rankings in the list of the richest people in the stock market will also change.

The list also shows the rise of agricultural and seafood processors, with 21 representatives, including Ms. Chu Thi Binh and Mr. Le Van Quang (Minh Phu Seafood Company, 3rd and 4th), Mr. Luong Ngoc Minh (Hung Vuong Seafood Company, 6th)  and representatives of the steel industry (20) and food processing industries (14).

In a gloomy year for the real estate, finance and banking sectors, there are only 12 representatives of the real estate and ten of the banking sector in the list.

In the 10 months of 2012, VIC shares of the Vingroup strongly fluctuated, closing at VND78,000/share on November 1, down slightly from VND78,040/share in the beginning of the year. 

Due to this evolution, Pham Nhat Vuong, the richest man in the stock market in 2011, who holds 215 million shares, is not in the list of the people who have stock assets increasing at the highest level in 2012. However, with stock assets of VND16.760 trillion ($838 million), Vuong will be still one of the richest people on the stock market this year.


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